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    Vision IT Energy is a licensed energy Consultant Agent and Broker that works with energy and IT departments to identify areas of substantial savings.

    Vision IT Energy provides solutions to commercial entities that lack an energy department. 

    Our services provide alternative methods to manage energy issues relating to retrofit buildings, sustainability, efficiency, Smart Grid, renewable and wind.


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    Vision It Energy activities includes the implementation of energy management processes and technologies, including – Planning, Sourcing, Risk Management, Efficiency, Conservation, Sustainability, Incentives and Monitoring – identifying, assessing and managing customers’ energy savings opportunities to continually maximize value. Servicing energy clients that include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government, utilities and developers.

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    Vision IT Energy d/b/a Vision It Web, Inc. Is in the management and operations of the company Web Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance.Cloud , Data Center, MPLS, VMMare, Hosted exchange, VoIP Hosting services Wireless Internet Services, Dark Fiber, Bulk Internet,Broadband, Microwave,WiMax Licensed WiMax Unlicensed,CDMA,GSM,Professional Systems, Homeland Security, MDU(Multi-Dwelling Units), Hospitals, Nursing Homes,Shopping Center,Schools and Smart Grid. .

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