About Us

About us

IT Energy Management Services Firm and Energy procurement.

CEO and Founder of Vision IT Energy Avi Azoulay Has been in the energy business since 1982
Avi Azoulay have extensive IT Background presently the CEO Of Vision IT Web, Inc. and Past President and owner of Computer Systems, Solutions, Inc. and President of CSSINET, Inc. Partners with others in the Smart Grid    implementation of energy management processes and technologies, including – Planning, Sourcing, Risk Management, Efficiency, Conservation, Sustainability, Incentives and Monitoring – identifying, assessing and managing customers’ energy savings opportunities to continually maximize value.
Servicing energy clients that include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government, utilities and project developers, Vision IT Energy Is licensed Energy Consultant Agent and broker in the of State IL.

Vision IT Energy is experienced company and Implemented  Large projects we serve Commercial Industrial and residential our sample clients Includes Hotels, Grocery Stores, Schools, Manufacturing  and many others.

Vision IT Energy have the IT experience and Energy Expertise to run your company efficiently and save you from 40% to 80% our 25 years experience in the IT includes the following manufactured computers, Development Software and Implementation, Web site development, Hosted VoIP, MPLS, VLM Data Center Cloud server farm hosting,Wireless Ethernet and voice  Wimax and LTE.

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