Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement at the best available price.

Energy buyers forfeit billions of dollars every year by sourcing energy via outdated means.

Vision It Energy has built its reputation providing a better way to procure energy, some cases using technology-enabled, expertly designed to foster competition, and 100% performance-based. like any other commodities, electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, demand response, and green credits is fluctuating and changes daily.

Vision IT Energy approach for Procurement for small mid size business and large user has transformed the normally complex procurement process into a powerful, streamlined tool for cost savings and budget certainty.

Vision IT Approach:

  • Small mid size business vision IT Energy specialized  procurement tactics resulting in substantial saving
  • For larger account we offer multiple avenues if exclusive is giving than Vision IT Energy  will offer Electronic RFPs, simplified bidding and high close rates via our partners and attract suppliers to -run pricing events. More supplier participation means more competition for your business. More competition = lower prices. 
  • If non exclusive is required then we will use a different approach less transparent with almost same results. Vision IT Energy will work with what you giving us to work with.
  • If Exclusivity for auction is giving then a well design and dynamic nature of the online events provide you and the suppliers real-time price discovery that exists nowhere else in the market. This helps bidders sharpen their pencils to win your business while allowing you to test various products and terms to find your sweet spot.
  • Faster award times minimize supplier risk premiums, further cutting costs.
  • Sourcing events are fair, transparent and leave a “paper trail” no paper process could provide. All procurement information is captured on the platform and is available for your records.
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